Alte Affe Angst, Der
(Alte Affe Angst, Der)

Film-Nr. 2662 (Spielfilm / Fernsehspiel)
Originaltitel Alte Affe Angst, Der
Deutscher Titel Alte Affe Angst, Der
Darsteller André Hennicke, Marie Bäumer, Ralf Bauer, Catherine H. Flemming, Vadim Glowna, Eva Habermann, Herbert Knaup, Christoph Waltz, Nina Petri, Marie Jutta Hoffmann, Ingrid van Bergen, Hilde van Mieghem, Hermann Beyer, Bernd Burgemeister, Michaela Hinnenthal
Regisseur Oskar Roehler
Land, Jahr Deutschland 2003
Bild, Ton Farbe   deutsch
Spielzeit 86 Minuten
Kassette(n) DVD Nr. -252
Angst is the story of a sensitive film director, Robert, and his beautiful girlfriend Marie, a doctor in a children's clinic. Their different attitudes toward life lead the two to constant fights and conflicts. When Robert finds out that his father is terminally ill, he feels guilty for not having taken more care of him. Marie tries to help, but when his father dies, Robert falls into a downward spiral of despair. He looks for solace in his work and in one-night stands with prostitutes. When Marie finds out that Robert has betrayed her, she leaves him. However, her love for Robert and her realization that to love someone also means one must be able to forgive, offer hope for a new beginning between the two.
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